Antidote of Coronavirus ?


The corona virus is a very dangerous and poisonous virus that can prove to be extremely dangerous for the destruction of the human tribe.  Coronavirus medicine Origin  Viruses are an infectious disease spread like pneumonia which belongs to the corona family, which are extremely dangerous! Antidote of Coronavirus



Antidote of Coronavirus

Origin of Corona Virus

The first patient of Corona virus was found in Wuhan city of China, it has been reported by experts that this virus may have come from bats but no firm information has been found so far / where is this virus originally from? K. It is also being said that these viruses have come with the use of sea creatures. This virus is very dangerous and this virus is spreading all over the world.


Which countries are the corona viruses spread?

                                      Antidote of Coronavirus

Corona virus China is rightly catching people in India, America, Tibet, Thailand, Japan and Mongolia and many other countries and this virus is infected with this virus in many states of India, including Mumbai, Rajasthan, Bihar  and many other states. Patients have been found, which are spreading continuously, this virus is so circumcised that people are getting caught in it even after keeping contact with the active people. Antidote of Coronavirus

Antidote of Coronavirus

Coronavirus medicine

“Thailand doctors make coronavirus medicine, claims to cure patient in 48 hours”

Antidote of Coronavirus

According to a statistics, so far in this world, 17387 people have become ill due to Corona virus this year. While 17205 infected people out of all the data have been found only-and-only in China, so far more than 362 people have died due to this deadly virus before the world’s big and powerful country finds the drug of Coronavirus, Thailand For example, small country doctors have claimed to have discovered the drug of Corona virus, which is made by mixing various other medicines.

Thailand’s doctor Krensak Atiepornwanich told that an elderly 71-year-old woman who was suffering from corona was given this medicine, according to doctors, the woman who could not move, got up from bed in 12 hours  after giving this medicine and Within 24  hours of giving medicine, that 71-year-old elderly woman was cured 90% and the doctors also said that she will be sent home in a few days.

Doctor Krensak Atiepornwanich told that we have tested this drug in the lab repeatedly and we have got positive results of this drug and it has been found that this medicine gives the patient comfort in 12 hours and also told that this medicine 48 Heals the patient completely in hours

Antidote of Coronavirus

For the treatment of this virus of Dr. Krensak Atipornavanich, we made a new drug by combining anti-flu drug oseltamivir with lopinavir and ritonavir. This medicine has proved to be very good which gives comfort to the people. Antidote of Coronavirus

“Doctor Krensak Atiepornavanich stated that for the treatment of coronavirus, we have created a new drug combining anti-flu drug oseltamivir with Lopinavir and ritonavir, an anti-HIV drug used to treat HIV. Coronavirus medicine Origin

So far, about 19 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Thailand and the doctor told that till now we have sent 8 out of 19 patients to be cured in 14 days and Dr. Krensak Atiepornwanich has expressed hope that with this new medicine We will fix these too

Antidote of Coronavirus

The Government of Thailand has sent this medicine to the Central Laboratory of our country for the strong test of this drug – to test it correctly, so that this drug can prove more effective if this drug succeeds in laboratory tests. Coronavirus medicine Origin Is to be considered the first successful coronavirus drug. ” Antidote of Coronavirus

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Corona Virus ! 

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