What is SEO friendly Content Checker

SEO friendly Content Checker is a great thing for beginner bloggers who know what blogging is and how to write a blog but those people do not know that you have to write a post. But you people have to write seo friendly post.

Therefore, I will tell you about SEO friendly Content Checker, so that you have some problems that are related to seo but not all of you can deal with these problems. With the help of these seo tools, you will also be able to know about your post, so that you will also know what you need to improve in your post. According to this you will be able to improve your article.

Best SEO friendly Content Checker
Best SEO friendly Content Checker

How do You check Your SEO friendly content ?

With the help of these tools you can check the Seo of your blog post, in this you have to copy the article of your blog post and submit it in these tools so that with the help of these tools you will be able to know that you wrote What is lacking in the article and what can you do to improve your article so that your post also ranks in Google so that you can generate money from Google.

Friends, with the help of this seo checker, you can write seo friendly article with the help of your post, which will be very beneficial for ranking your website. Friends, today I will tell you the tools for Blogger and WordPress in which you can do this work which can be both free and paid which will help you a lot to write and check seo friendly articles.

How do you check the quality of content for wordpress


Friends, if your website is in WordPress, then it is very easy for you to write SEO friendly article, in which if you are a user of WordPress then you can write a good and quality SEO article friendly article using some plugins found in WordPress. You can, which is very difficult for the new blogger in the recent times, but you can write an SEO friendly article by adopting these things.

  1. Yoast Seo Plugin :-   

    Yoast Seo Plugin is a great tool that is being used by all WordPress users at all times. Yoast Seo Plugin has both premium and free plugins that you can use to write articles for your WordPress blog. Yoast Seo Plugin is a On page seo checker is with the help of which you can check the on page seo of the article you have written.

    In this, according to Yoast, some rules have been made, which you have to write an article while keeping. If you go according to Yoast, then you can very easily write a seo friendly article and the article written by you will be unique, which increases the chances of your article being ranked in Google.

    If you also use WordPress, you can go to the section of plugins now and search for Yost by adding an ad and install the seo plugin and start writing a seo friendly article.


  2. All in One SEO Pack :-  

    The All in One SEO plugin is also a seo pulgin in a way like yoast seo, with the help of which you can write a seo friendly article. It is great that this pulgin is almost free so that it can prove to be very beneficial for you. With the help of which you can write a very beautiful and seo friendly article.

    In these pulgins, you get a guide line according to which you can write a better article by following that guideline without which even an off page seo can be ranked in Google or you will have to do very little off page seo and your Articles will rank in Google and visitors will start coming to you and your blog.

    If you also want to use this pulgin, then now you go to your wordpress and go to plugins and search for this pulgin. Can do it.


  3. WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math :- 

    Rank Math is a blog post seo checker that you can also use, which is a completely free seo plugin. Which is for you, this other two pulgins, which are just mentioned like yoast seo and all in one seo pulgins, one of the special things of all these pulgins is that they are all pulgins, in which the way of working is the same. .

    Rank Math is also a very good seo pulgin, in which some advanced features have been given, such an advanced feature that you get in the premium pulgins is giving you all the features of Rank Math absolutely free. If you also want to use this plugin, install it now.


Best SEO friendly Content Checker
Best SEO friendly Content Checker

How do you check the quality of content?

Friends, now I will tell you about some websites or tools out of which you can use many tools for both on page seo and off page seo and there are many tools or websites that you can use to check the permalink of your post. You can also do that which will tell you how many permalinks are there in the posts of your website, which is bad for the health of your website if there is a lot of it.


  • Ahrefs tool :- 

    It would not be wrong to say best seo checker or google seo checker, friends should still say this is the best seo checker which is paid to live, you will have to pay to use it, but you just know that this seo tool’s tool With the help of which you can do both on page seo and off page seo, with the help of this tool you can find a low competition word.

    In this, if you are writing a post in any keyword, then with the help of this tool you can keep an eye on your competitor, in this you will have to enter the url of the post that is being raked in that keyword, then this seo tool will tell you that that person Has done so much off-page seo and said that.

    And in this tool you will also know which keywords your competitor is ranking in and how to bit it, if you also want to use this best seo tool then definitely try once.

    Ahrefs tool  


  • SEMrush :-

    SEMrush is one of the best seo tool that is used a lot in foreign countries. This tool is also a great seo tool like Ahrefs, with the help of which you can boost your blog post so that your article is also in Google’s fast page. Rank you have to use these tools and do some hard work, then your dream will be fulfilled.

    By using these tools you can also rank any keywords, in this you get to know that the website which will rank in your keywords is said to be off page seo and where is the link from where are you according to your keywords? You can do your competitor’s bit by doing more than what your competitor has done.

    This tool is also paid, let me tell you one thing that if you have to do something right in blogging then you will have to spend some money or else it is like you are shooting arrows in the dark and you do not know that your arrow targets But it looks like no.



  • Ubersuggest :- 

    Ubersuggest is a seo friendly website checker or seo ranking checker designed by Neil Patel, a digital marketing expert who knows a lot about seo. He has made his seo tool Ubersuggest especially for bloggers who Thinking about all these things, Nil Patel created this tool Ubersuggest so that any new blogger can succeed with its help.

    This tool was first available free of cost but for some time this tool has been available for money, but you do not have to worry, you can use this tool for free for a few days. Gives advantages






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