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What is blogger is a type of free blogging platform created by Google which is designed to keep the logo moving forward! This is a type of platform in which a person can start his blog career by writing a blog for free, by creating a blog for free, a person can tell his art of writing to the world and he can take a strong step in blogging!

This website is saved by posting the posts written in Blogger and on the search done by the people, it presents the articles written by us to the people and Blogger is counted by Content Management Systems!

The blog website that is created on Blogger is a subdomain of and the user is unable to access the Google server and is hosted on the Domain Googel server that we have taken

Other than, the blogger can take any type of domain but he has to pay for any other type of domain, he has to buy that domain with the money like I bought the domain. [.com] can be replaced by another name like /.com /.org /.in/.xyz /.info and there are many other types of domains.

And on buying domain, instead of, there will be which is the domain provided by google. Features

Almost every blogger in the world must have used, especially the new blogger wants to start a blogging career, but without money, he wants to start a blogging career once he must definitely support Should be taken

This is a very good start in the evement for the new blogger to become a blogging career, due to this has become the first choice of every new blogger and every feature found in is free so that people will not hesitate Starting her career in and most people are getting success!

But in addition to being a free service, has many other advantages that can be seen by stepping into this field. Even I want to tell people that should also make this career for you. I can move forward

CMS has a simple useful system, Content Management System is such a system by which the author knows his idea streams between the logo world and he can share the articles written by him in the logo world and all that With the help of you can easily manage and Publis or delete content easily if any mistake is made!

Free service
There are a lot of such blog publisar tools in Dinia, but all the tools are expensive and you have to pay to work in all of them, but is the only system in the direction of blogging to work Does not cost money, ie invest 0 and earn millions can be said

Free Domain Name
Through, the customer can register the domain name for free and can register and start his own website by creating his website for free!

No Hosting Charge
The service offered in for free attracts every blogger because the hosting service of blogger is free, no one needs to pay for hosting.

Custom Domain Name
This service of attracts the blogger further, in this, every blogger can choose his favorite domain name and use his domain name in his website, but for this domain, the user gets very small amount of money for You have to pay, like no money will have to be paid for, but if you take a custom domain name then has to pay a very small amount for it.

Custom design
Blogger can change the appearance of the blog of the blog whenever the user wants. Blogger has a variety of free themes that we can use to change the decoration of our website and there are some premium themes that can be paid on our website. Beauty grows very much!

Fast speed
Google gives more importance to speed. The same website that racks both content and speed is very good. is Google’s own product, because of this is very fast in terms of speed.

Secure Platform
Blogger is very strict in the matter of Google Security and Google attaches great importance to security. Blogger is also a product of Google, because of this people consider this platform more secure. is also considered more secure!

Easy to use This platform is very easy to use, its design has been designed in such a way that any new blogger can use it, it is very simple!

Easy to manage
It is very easy to manage blog posts made on Blogger, it is very easy to manage social media also because you can see all your blogs in one place, there is no need to login separately to see every blog. Will be able to see the blog in one place!

Local language is available in many languages, if a person does not know English, one can use other languages, can work in more than 50 languages ​​in any person according to their wish. Can use language!


Blogger limits

  1. is a product of Google, it is developed and managed by Google itself, due to this
  2. Google does not allow any user to access this server, this is the biggest limitation of
  3. Blogger is used by user through Google account, due to this blogger 100 blogger blogs are created!
    Blog’s tittel name cannot be used beyond 90 characters!
  4. The blog name cannot be used more than you only and only 37 characters!
  5. Only 500 characters can be brought in to write a blog description!
  6. There is a limit to publish only and only 20 blog pages in a blog!

History of

Blogger was launched by Pyra Labs in August 1999, with the launch of, a good platform like Blogger was developed or built by Pyra Labs, and then Google purchase in 2003. It was sold by Pyra Labs to Forever!


f you want to start blogging, click here and start your blogging career.


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