Corona Virus ?


Corona virus is a type of infectiously transmitted disease that continuously spreads from person to person. Many healthy and healthy organizations present in the world have given consciousness to people about this virus. Through the coming people, it is spreading in every nation, it is a virus-like infectious disease related to the corona family. They are very dangerous! Corona viruses are also found in animals and this virus has reached the Chinese people through the sea fauna. People living on the coast must have first come under the grip of this virus, so that the virus slowly reached the entire nation of South China. In the market where sea creatures are found in large quantities, the virus spread to people through them

Symptoms of corona virus

  • fever
  • breathing problem
  • Cold and cough
  • cough
  • Frequent runny nose
  • Headache
  • Organ failure (stop functioning of organs

Origin of Corona Virus

Spreading from China or corona virus has devastated many other states and countries including India, this virus is catching people in India, America, Tibet, Thailand, Japan and Mongolia and many other countries. And this virus, including Mumbai, Rajasthan, Bihar and many other states have found patients infected with this virus who have been spreading continuously, a girl returned from China has got symptoms of corona virus, who was immediately admitted to the hospital for treatment. Huh This deadly virus has killed 80 people in China and confirmed 2,744 infected patients. According to a CNN report, 461 of these patients remain in critical condition. And in the coming time nothing can be said


No type of medicine or antibiotic works in the corona virus, even the antibiotic given in the flu also does not work. To prevent the patient’s organs from spreading, more and more fluid is given to the patient continuously. The corona virus that spreads from animals is both cervical acute respiratory syndrome (severe respiratory symptoms) and middle eastern respiratory tract syndrome. Is light. Civir acute respiratory syndrome (severe respiratory symptoms) first spread in 2002 in China. At that time, the virus spread from here to 37 countries and more than eight thousand people were affected and there were more than 750 deaths.

How to reduce the effect of corona virus

Always keep hands clean with soap and water

Keep nose and mouth closed while sneezing and cleaning

Prevent cold or flu from going to infected people

Eat fully cooked moss

Keep away from wild animals or animals

What can you do to escape?

Governments of various nations have given a number of measures in which people have been asked to take obeisance in which they should stay away from the infected people and tie masks in their mouth and should come out of the house and eat pure and pure cooked food. One should always wash and keep clean with soap, cleanliness should be kept around you and no sea creatures should be consumed right now and there is no shovel Met immediately Viseshyo giving and hospital conducted immediately began treatment can access information

Corona Virus






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