What is Hosting and why is Hosting required


Friends, if you want to make a website, then it becomes very important to know what hosting is and why we should take hosting for the website.Hosting a Website
Like you are called or wherever you are, you need a place to keep your goods where you can keep your goods, similarly your website is also there. Also tell you that hosting is also available for free. But today I will tell you about paid hosting and will talk about free hosting another day.

If you are thinking of creating a website or are planning to start your own blog, then hosting becomes more important. Your website or blog needs space in the internet to live, which we call hosting in modern language. is.

Hosting a Website There are many types of hosting. About which I will tell you people today, as if you want to host your website in Hosting, due to this, it is called Web Hosting. Today, I will tell you about web hosting.



Hosting a Website
Hosting a Website

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is very important for any website or blow. Friends, Web Hosting is a server in the world of Internet, which is a computer, your information is saved in this computer. For example, if you put any blog, post, video in your website or blog, then that information is saved in the computer with that server.

As soon as any person or customer wants any information from you, he will request the information from his mobile or computer or laptop as per his requirement, then your server or web hosting will find that information from that server and in that client’s browser, that information in internet. Via that person so that the customer can get information easily and immediately.Hosting a Website




Types of Web Hosting

  1. Shared Server Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
  3.   Dedicated Server Hosting
  4.   Cloud Hosting
  5.   WordPress hosting


Friends, what type of hosting do you need and what hosting should you get? You will get information about all these things today, if you read this blog completely, you can take a better decision.Hosting a Website




1   – Shared Server Hosting

Shared Server Hosting It would not be appropriate to say that like a hostel.
Like a hostel has many rooms and rooms also have many beds. And the same bed can be made of a man who has come to live in that hostel.
There is the same type of Shared Server Hosting that is used in the same CPU as many Haddisk and RAM Shared Server Hosting in RAM and haddisk companies that sell Shared Server Hosting in different parts of memory and RAM. Talking says Shared Server Hosting.

And when you take Shared Server Hosting, you should say in a CPU that a certain memory and RAM is provided.
You can also choose Shared Server Hosting as per your need.Hosting a Website




2 – Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting


Virtual Private Server Hosting is also similar to the earlier hosting. But this Virtual Private Server Hosting which gives bigger and more service in some cases than Shared Server Hosting Virtual Private Server Hosting

In a way, if we live outside, then we live in the building in that city. So the whole building is not ours. We have a room in that entire building.

Similarly, Virtual Private Server Hosting happens in a CPU that provides us with our own hard disk and also provides a RAM of our own. But the maintenance of that CPU is done from one place, just like we live in a building room and all the water comes from the same place. Similarly, in Virtual Private Server Hosting, the CPU has the same processor. Just you get your own space Virtual Private Server Hosting works like this.Hosting a Website




3 – Dedicated Server Hosting


Dedicated Server Hosting is considered to be a very good option in the hosting world, in this kind of Dedicated Server Hosting you are given a complete computer in a way.
So that you need to maintain a lot of work in your site. If you are thinking of doing a big business like online shop, online coaching etc. If you are thinking of doing business, then Dedicated Server Hosting can be the best hosting for you.

In this server, you have complete control so that you are given root access for your management. Dedicated Server Hosting is another thing that you will like very much. Dedicated Server Hosting If you have taken Dedicated Server Hosting, then the computer will be given to you. Only you will work in it and no one else can use its resources.Hosting a Website

And the down time of this server is a lot of work which gets a lot of traffic, but this server is a bit expensive.




4 – Cloud Hosting


Cloud Hosting is one of the biggest and best technology from the world of advanced hosting. Cloud Hosting is so advanced that using it makes hosting a lot easier. Cloud Hosting has the least downtime compared to other web hosting.

In getting Cloud Hosting, you get a bunch of hosting servers that give you all the hosting servers available to you through that hosting provider.

If a server of Cloud Hosting is not known to be very public, then if one server does not handle that public then it sends all the remaining public to another server, which causes very little load in your server. FOR  Hosting a Website

This Cloud Hosting server contains all the data in the website you are hosting. It is copied and saved in different servers. When public comes from different places in your site, then every server sends those publics to different servers, which greatly reduces your downtime.
Cloud Hosting is more scalable than VPS.



5 – WordPress Hosting


WordPress hosting is a type of shared hosting designed primarily for WordPress hosting. It has your server configured for WordPress hosting.

And you need the necessary plugins to make your website secure, you are provided, so that your website becomes secure. With WordPress hosting, very important tools like WordPress toolkit, SEO toolkit are provided. Hosting a Website




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