How to Make Money on Youtube 2020 on Mobile Phone

Friends, if you too are unemployed and are looking for work and you have to do some work in the right way so that you can start earning some money so that your work will grow slowly and you will not need a job in future. If you want to think the same, then you have come to the right place. Friends, today I am going to tell you one such way that you can earn a lot of money and if you do this work in the right way and mind, then you can work a lot of money by doing this work. So much money that you don’t even get to do small jobs. Yes Make Money on Youtube 2020 on Mobile Phone.

Yes Friends Make Money on Youtube 2020 on Mobile Phone Perfect YouTube is a way in which you can really earn money, Friends, there are many more ways that you can make money but you need to do those things. A computer or laptop will be required, but YouTube has a way in which you have to have a mobile phone in which internet will run. By the way, ever since 4g has come, almost the plow people have got mobile with internet. If you have a mobile then you make money using your cell phone with mobile phone help

Make Money on Youtube 2020
Make Money on Youtube 2020

Create A Youtube Channel And Make Money

You have to have an email id to make money from youtube, if you do not have an email id, then create it now, you will only take 5 minutes to create an email, you will have to create your own YouTube channel, you will have to create a YouTube channel. Before making, you have to think about what you want to make a video related to it, like if you are related to sports, then you play videos related to sports. So keep in mind that which field do you like so that you can make the best and best videos related to it, after this you are ready to create your own YouTube channel.


How to Create A Youtube Channel And Make Money

You must first login to your mobile or laptop from that email, when you go inside your YouTube or you have to go to your home screen, after that you will see your email LA logo in the top of your rightsite, this logo on your mobile Or it will be in the top of the laptop.

Now click on the logo where your email is marked, click on it, but you will see some other option on the lower side of which one of your option will be your channel. Now you have to click on that option, friends, this is the option in which you will create your channel, now you will see two options in which the first option means that you will have the name of your YouTube as the name of your email, click on the first option If you do, your YouTube name will open your YouTube channel in the name of your email. When you first go to the open.

When you go for the second option, the second option is that according to your mind you can name your YouTube channel. When you click on the second option, you will be asked to enter the name of your YouTube. Now you can type your YouTube name as per your wish. After that you continue by continuing your YouTube channel is ready, now you click on the upcoming option and complete all the tasks like descripton, about us, now your YouTube channel is ready to work. Yes Make Money on Youtube 2020 on Mobile Phone.


What To do After Creating Youtube Channel

You have created a YouTube channel, now you have to work in YouTube to earn money from your mobile, now you can achieve success in this YouTube world by working on your mobile.

Whatever category you have chosen for your YouTube channel, you will have to start making videos in the category, in this you can make videos on any topic as per your wish, in this you have to pay attention that you have to make videos of someone else. You do not have to download what is already in YouTube and download it in your YouTube channel, and never think why do it because your image is like YouTube For this will impair you have no such mistake initially.

All you have to do is upload your own videos to YouTube and publish the same video that you make with your hard work, it will give a good signal to YouTube that this man is making videos with his own hard work and by doing this YouTube believes in you YouTube will gradually start ranking the videos you make.

You have to make such a good and good video so that if any man starts watching your video then he can live without watching that video, you will also benefit that if that man likes your video then that man Your videos will be shared with friends among relatives and he will also like to watch other videos you have made and Reguler will watch your videos.

So if you also make a video, then you try to give the best from your side so that if anyone watches your video, then they will be happy with your video and subscribe to your YouTube channel and share your video as much as possible, friends subscribe in YouTube and Your YouTube watch time is very important thing, which you will find out later. YouTube subscriber and watch time are the main things of YouTube, with the help of which you can start wishing money and earn lots of money.


You have to be patient to be successful on YouTube. Patience is one thing that doubles the happiness of success. One thing you should remember is that no person becomes successful overnight. Shallow’s hard work is hidden behind his success. If you are thinking that you will succeed by creating a YouTube channel, then you are wrong, I will tell you that you will be successful, there are some people who succeed overnight. They are very lucky.

You too will be very successful in YouTube, just you have to work continuously, you will have to put regular videos in YouTube from time to time. and yas you Make Money on Youtube 2020

When you start working well then you have to pay attention to the monetization of your YouTube channel, you need 1000 subscriber for your YouTube channel monetization and 4000 hour watch time will make you look very big but it is nothing if If you keep working, then you will not take much time to complete this data 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch time.

Make Money on Youtube 2020
Make Money on Youtube 2020

Just you have to pay attention to your videos, you have to upload your videos regularly, this will rank your channel so that more and more visitors will see your video, if those people like your video, then they will scrub your YouTube channel and your With video being ranked, your watch time will also increase with more views. You can enable the monetization of your YouTube when your 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch time is completed.

When your monetization is enabled, then you will start earning from YouTube and your channel ads will start coming and your
YouTube Journey will begin.

How Do You Make Money on YouTube?

If you want to earn money in YouTube then today I will tell you how you make money on YouTube. YouTube is a platform in which you can do a lot. There are many ways to get money from YouTube, if you become a good YouTuber, then you will be able to adopt so many things that you will get great benefits.

Which is very important for your YouTube Journey, you can do a lot by working in these things.

Just you have to work continuously, you have to move forward knowing that you do not get successful quickly, for this you should work continuously, yes you can also succeed in YouTube quickly.

But you will need money for this, when you promote your YouTube channel by paying money then your channel will reach more and more people so that your channel will grow very quickly.

But when you do not want to pay money to promote your YouTube, then you can use social media for your YouTube grow, which will be very easy for you.

You will get money from many ways in YouTube, but the good things that you have are very beneficial for you. Whenever a promotion is run by your channel, you get paid for that promotion.

You also promote sponsorship by promoting very big brands, which increases your earnings.

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