Powerful 7.7 earthquake


The Caribbean Sea experienced a powerful earthquake of about 7.7 magnitude followed by an increase in aftershock. Aftershock is a system through which earthquakes can be accurately predicted. A large landmass began to move from Florida to Mexico on Tuesday. But apparently there was no loss of life or casualty.

The initial tremors of this earthquake centered around 86 hours northwest of Montego Bay, Jamaica, at about 2:10 pm, and 87 miles west-southwest of Nikiro, Cuba, the US Geological Survey said . The depth of the earthquake was relatively shallow 6 miles below the surface.

The USGS initially predicted a magnitude 7.3 earthquake before a magnitude 7.7 elevation earthquake, the upcoming aftershocks had reached a maximum height limit of about 6.1 so far.

Then the Tsunami Warning Center from the Pacific Ocean said that there is no risk of Tsunami from this earthquake.
But so far no damage or injury has been reported, but it is being said that there has been a stir in the Western Tato and there have been earthquakes

Experts have even said that moderate tremors have been experienced on the Grand Cayman Islands, while the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and elsewhere has experienced a slight and moderate tremor.

Experts told that earthquake tremors have been felt everywhere in the state.

South Florida located far away from the earthquake has also been well mooted and South Florida has also begun to evacuate large and old houses in view of the earthquake in the future and people at sea level are also being evacuated. Are advised to stay away from

71-year-old Claude Diedrick, who had a fencing business in Montego Bay, made me feel as if I had a very strong bridge in which heavy parts would have rocked my parts but it was not like that.

In the coastal city of Santiago in the eastern part of Cuba, a very frightening form of earthquake came and faced with fear.

“We were all seated and the ground and chairs doors all felt shaking,” said Belkis Guerrero, who works at a Catholic cultural center in Santiago. “We’ve heard everything about noise.”

Powerful 7.7 earthquake
Powerful 7.7 earthquake



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What to do when an earthquake occurs?

Earth or any nature does not come as a disaster, in such a situation, it is not understood what is happening and the termites stop working, so whenever a problem or disaster comes, we should always make sense about the Caribbean Sea. A powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.7 was experienced as soon as the news of the earthquake started. But at such a time, it is more important to take care of some special things than to create a panic.

  • If you are in a shop house or any terraced place, then go out from there to an open place.
  • There is no safer place than an open field during an earthquake.
  • Do not live around a house or building
  •  Keep the window and door of the house open
  • If the building is very high and it is possible to get down immediately, then sit at the bottom of any table or board.
  • During the earthquake, people should keep in mind that they should help each other by acting wisely and not in panic.
  • Do not spread any kind of rumor, in such a situation can become worse.


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