What is a domain name ?

Friends, if you are thinking of making a website whether it is from any purpose or you are thinking of starting your own blog, then what is the most important thing for you.

Without which you cannot start a blog or a website, whether it is a blog or a free website or a paid website, friends, we call that domain as a domain name.




What does a domain name mean?

Friends, it is perfectly right to say that we can also call the domain name as any person or child or shop has a fixed name.

It is the same type of domain that is the name of your website or blog. It should be said on the straight lines, such as google .com, youtube .com, facebook .com, all these domains which are owned by the owners of these websites ie CEO.

Similarly, you should also find the domain for your website so that your website can be identified. Friends, in simple words, we can call the domain the name of the subject matter.



How does a domain name work ?

Friends, I want to tell you that the domain name is stored in a server, which is called hosting, it means whatever website you are searching or you want to create a website.

When you search the name or url of any website in any browser, that browser sends that data to the server hosted by us and the information that we order to that browser, that information is hosted by that browser. From our mobile or desktop are presented in the screen of the computer




What are the types of domain names?

Friends, if you also want to make a website for any of your work or want to create your own blog, then it is very important for you to know how many domain names are there and how to start your online business. The domain name plays a very important role.


1* -Top Level Domain

Friends, the domain which is most important and whose demand is most is called Top Level Domain. I want to tell you what happens in the Top Level Domain that causes the highest demand for this domain.

Friends Top Level Domains are the most important domains in the whole world, so these domains are also searched the most, as in my website .com is a top level domain in the same way as there are others.

And Top Level Domain has the advantage that it ranks very quickly in search engines.

1 # – .com – Commercial
2 # – .org – Organization
3 # – .net – Network
4 # – .edu – Education
5 # – .info – Information





2* -Country Top Level Domain


A particular type of Country Top Level Domain is used inside any country. This means that the domain that is being used in that country is the Country Top Level Domain that identifies that country or country.

This is called the Country Top Level Domain, as .IN is used in our country, this is the identity of our country.

* .in – India
* .ca – Canada
* .cn – China
* .id – Indonesiz
* .br – Brazil




3* -Subdomain

Friends subdomain is a type of domain. We all know the name of the third level domain. You know that the subdomain that we call the Third Level Domain is a part of the main domain. You do not need to spend any kind of money to buy a subdomain.

For example, such as a subdomain of gyaandhaara.com as if you want a website with a shop. So will shop.gyaandhaara.com.

Friends of Subdomain, we can also customize as per requirement like shop.gyaandhaara.com. We can also customize this type of Subdomain later.




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