What is blogging




Friends, if you too are very much worried about unemployment and you are looking for work so that you can earn a lot of money. And you can help your family if you think the same. So today I will tell you the easiest way to earn money so that you will be able to overcome your unemployment.Earn Money by Blogging

In recent times, there are many ways to earn money in which blogging can be considered as a solution to your problem. Friends, you can make a new start by blogging, by which you can earn good and a lot of money going forward.

Friends blogging is a great and very big job that you can do a lot. It is not wrong to call blogging as a note book, in blogging you have to write people.

Blogging: The field in which you are good, you have to write the information of the same field in your blog, in which you have to write articles about the same subject.

In which subject you want to write that article, you wish that you can choose any related topic in blogging, which topic is good for you.Earn Money by Blogging





Where do you start blogging


To start blogging, you will find many platforms, but I would advise you to start with blogger.com. Friends blogger.com is a product of Google, in which you can rely on the issue.Earn Money by Blogging

You can also start blogging with WordPress, but in this you will have hosting and domain, if you can spend money, then you can also start with WordPress, you can create a website according to your choice in WordPress.

blogger.com is also a very good platform when you want to start your own blog without spending any money. Let me tell you that if you are thinking of starting with Blogger then you do not need to pay any money in it. Google has started blogger.com, seeing the strength of the logo.

In this, you get free hosting and free domain, for which you do not need to pay any money, you can start your blogging career and start a new life with blogger.com.

You can also start blogging with WordPress, but in the way I told you, you have to pay for hosting and domain if you can spend a little money, then you must start with WordPress.




What to do in a blog website

Friends, you have now created a blog website from Blogger WordPress, now you have to start writing, you guys have to start writing blogs in your blog website. Friends, you have to write the blog in such a way that the reading mantra should be free.

Gradually, you will have to increase your blogging skills so that people can read the articles written by you more and more and more time is spent in your website, for that you will have to choose the topic in which you will be a lot of experts to write a blog or No one knows more than you. That is to say, I mean that you have to choose the subject of which you are master.

Having done this, you are fully ready for blogging, now you can write posts continuously, which can be between 1000 to 2500 or even longer, in this way you will have to publish 20-25 blog posts. . Now your blog is ready for earning Earn Money by Blogging





How to make money by writing blog posts

Friends, when your blog posts are 20 to 25 posts in blogging, then you will know that you have passed the first step. After this, you have to apply for Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the world’s largest advertising site that provides AIDS to other websites or blogs, with the help of which everyone or every blogger earns money by putting AIDS on their blog.

The biggest example for blogging in India is Harsha Aggarwal, who is earning a lot of name in blogging. If you have taken approval of Google Adsense with your hard work, then you know that from that day you have started earning money from your blog. Apart from AdSense, you can also earn a lot of money by doing affiliate marketing. In this, you have to provide affiliate links in your website. You can start making money from affiliate marketing even more quickly than AdSense.  Earn Money by Blogging




After the approval of Google adsense

After the approval of Google adsense, you have to apply AIDS in your website. All these AIDS are provided to you by Google. Which you can put in your blog post, you should say that you have to get AIDS in your blog website, whatever company’s AIDS will appear in your site, you pay money for that AIDS.

Friends, in the coming blog, I will give you one by one information of all things, how to create a fire blog website and how to start it. Earn Money by Blogging



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