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What is SEO and why SEO is important, all these questions must have come in your mind, in this digital age, you can connect with people through internet through millions of people, through blogs, articles, videos. With this, you will be able to connect with millions of people, by doing this you will be able to make good and a lot of money sitting at home.What is SEO Important for Blogs

To do this, you have to do SEO of your blog or video so that your blog or video will appear in Google’s first page only then the public will trust you and will like your blog article and video.

Friends, it is not so easy to do this, for this, SEO of your blog, article will have to be done properly SEO means optimizing so that your blog can reach more and more people.
By doing SEO your blog will appear in the search engine

If you do blogging, then you write any good article, it will be very rarely your article rank, it will spoil the hard work of the person who writes the article, but if you write the article in any way, if you write your blog If I do seo properly then no one can stop you from ranking your article, so it is not wrong to say that SEO can be called the heart of your blog article. A will your blog rank by then have been properly SEO your blog

When you write a blog, if there is no traffic in it, then you work too hard, no work. If you really want to blogging, then you should definitely read SEO tutorial so that you can also rank your blog. Friends SEO has no rule because Google is based on Google Algorithms which change from time to time.


Friends, if someone comes to you and says that he is an SEO expert, then you should know that SEO algorithm of Google keeps changing from time to time, so no SEO expert can take time than that it will take time to understand Google’s new objective.

Regardless of how many SEO-related updates Google gives, but the rules and conditions for SEO are the same, with the help of which you can rank your blog article, so it is necessary to know all these things.What is SEO Important for Blogs





What is SEO Important for Blogs


SEO or search engine optimization is a technique with which you can bring your blog to the top of the search engine. In recent times, it is very important to do search engine optimization of your blog. Apart from Google, in our internet world there are other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, in which you can easily rank your blog by doing SEO.

SEO is an advanced technique for us, with the help of which you can easily bring your blog article to the first rank in Google’s search engine. If you do SEO well on your blog, then your blog will get thousands of visitors daily. You will also benefit that you can also make a lot of money and can take your blog as a career.

If your website will be first and top in the search engine, then the internet user is the first person to visit the website by itself, if your blog is unique then the user will spend more time in your blog. If your website comes in search engine, with the help of SEO done by you, your website will get a maximum amount of organic traffic, so that your website will slowly create a good profile of yours, so that Google does not hesitate to make your blog Will rank




What is the full form of SEO

SEO means search engine optimization which is very important for a blogger to understand.


Why SEO is Important for Blog Articles


So far you have learned what SEO is but you do not know why SEO is necessary for our blog article, so we will know about these things further. Why SEO is important for our blog.

Now suppose you have created a website in which I have put Haigh quality contents which is much better. But I have not done SEO for my blog, I have just written the article. It would be that there is no traffic in my blog because I have not done SEO for my blog. If there is no traffic in my blog then my hard work is useless and there is no use in building my website. SEO Important for Blogs

If we have not used SEO, if a person does any keyword research in the internet, then if the blog related to it is in our website, then that person will not be able to reach our website because we have not done SEO of our website so that That it appears in the search engine until we do SEO of our blog, our blog will not reach that man.

Understanding SEO is not so difficult, if we write unique articles for our blog and SEO properly in it, then our blog will be ranked very quickly. Once someone understands SEO, then nothing will be difficult for him and he can easily do something in blogging.What is SEO Important for Blogs

Most users search for anything in the Internet, then the result of that search appears in search engine, friends, no matter what happens to me or you, if you search for anything, then it always sees the top-rated result in it. SEO plays an important role when you do SEO for your blog, then your blog appears at the top, for this you should pay a lot of attention to SEO.




Types of SEO

There are two types of SEO, Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO.


  1. Onpage SEO
  2. Off-page SEO


1 :-  On-page SEO


Onpage SEO work from your website and blog, in which you have to design your people well, it is very important to have a blog website mobile and desktop friendly, for this you can use templates for blogger and themes for WordPress. There are many things in the market that can make your blog website SEO friendly.


  1. Website speed :-

    Website speed plays the main role for your blog website, the higher the speed of your blog, the more visitors will come to your blog, if your website is loaded in 4 to 6 seconds, then your website speed is very good And Google will also promote your website to rank, if your blog speed is low then it is not good according to Google and this will make your website rank Will have much effect.
    There are some things that you can use to keep the speed of your blog website. for example SEO Important for Blogs

    1 – Use simple and lightweight themes
    2- Always use the minimum number of plugins
    3 – Keep the image size to a minimum
    4 – Use plugins like W3 Total Cacha and W3 supar Cacha


  2. Website navigation :-


    Website navigation is the way in which Google visitors should be able to easily access your blog website from one page to another.

  3. Title Tag :-

    Write and create the title and tag of your website properly so that when a user reads your tags, then you must visit your blog so that your CTR also increases.


  4. Post URL :-

    Always keep the URL of your blog post simple and simple so that the search engine can easily find your blog


  5. Internal link :-

    This is the right and easy way to rank your post, in this you put a link to your other blog inside your blog post so that your post directly connects to your other post.


  6. Alt Tag :-

    You must use the image in your blog post, this means that the visitor will want to know about your blog as soon as you see the image, you must use tag in your image. SEO Important for Blogs


  7. Content Heading and Keywords :-

    One thing is true in blogging is that content is king. This thing is right in this, you have to write unique and unique content in your blog. Your articles should be above about 1000 words only then there is some importance of writing your blog. In this, write the article with your hands, do not copy it from there.

    Pay special attention to the heading in your article, in this the heading plays a major role. You can write the title in Hema H1, the rest of the heading can be written in H2 H3 H4.

    You used your blog posts simple and main keywords that users can easily search and use those keywords. SEO Important for Blogs


2 :- Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is an SEO method for blog article in which we do all the work outside of SEO blog post. In off-page SEO, we have to promote the blog, just as any company promotes one of its products in different places, in the same way we also have to promote our blog which we call Off-page SEO.

Like many social media platforms such as Facebook twitar quora also do places, through which our blog comes public.

How to do off-page SEO

Here we are going to tell you some ways that you can use it and go to traffic in the blog. SEO Important for Blogs


Off-page SEO



  1. Search Engine Submission :-

    Your website should be submitted to the search engine and every post you write must be submitted to the search engine so that your post will be quickly indexed in the search engine.


  2. Bookmarking :-

    Submit your blog post article to bookmarking websites so that traffic can also come from those websites.


  3. Directory Submission :-

    Submit your website blog post to the popular high PR directory so that traffic can come from these platforms. SEO Important for Blogs SEO Important for Blogs


  4. Social Media :-

    Create webpages of your website in the social media platform and create a profile in those social platforms and share them on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.


  5. Classified Submission :-

    Go to the free classifieds website and advertise your website for free.


  6. Q&A site Submission :-

    Answer the questions asked by people in the website with a question answer and make your post website linking that site.


  7. Blog Commenting :-

    Go to various famous websites and do comment linking so that someone can read your comment and visit your site.SEO Important for Blogs


  8. Pin :-

    You can post the image of the website in a website like pinterest so that anyone can access your website through your image.SEO Important for Blogs


  9. Guest Post :-

    In such websites in which the owner lets the guest post in the website, you can go to those websites and write a unique article and get a good backlink for free by giving a link to your website blog in that article.SEO Important for Blogs



Note :-

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