What is server hosting

is a type of hosting in which you can take hosting for very little money and start your own blog, so that you get a hosting for very little money, which is very The great thing is that you can start your blogging in this way, if you also want to do blogging, then you should start a blog by purchasing Shared Server Hosting.

Ever since the whole world is wreaking havoc, the unemployment is increasing in the whole world, in this time, you should do something right from home, now is the time, you can start blogging now and start your own work.

If you want to start blogging, then hosting is very important for you, in which there are many types of hosting, in which the hosting for you is started in money,  with the help of which started a blog for a lot of money. May go.






What is Shared Hosting

In Shared Server Hosting you get very little space for hosting your website Shared Server Hosting is a small amount of money that is for small bloggers like us. So that he can start his blogging in less money.

Shared Server Hosting is like a hostel in the same way as a hostel has a lot of rooms and those rooms have a lot of beds, one of which is our bed, in the same way Shared Server Hosting which has a computer. In which there are many harddisks, in which the harddisk is also given and in many parts, in which there is a small space in that harddisk for you. L’you do for your blog.




What’s not right in


Just like in a hostel you get your own bed but electric water and all things are distributed among all, similarly Shared Server Hosting is done in which you get your own space in which you can store your things. Save and keep it.

But the RAM that is in the computer is the same, all the people with the same RAM, the RAM is the same for all those who are hosting Shared Server, the power supply is also one. .

In this you do not get a lot of servers, due to which a large number of people come to your site, then the speed of your site slows down, but if you are going to start a new blog, then Shared Server Hosting is the best for you. The best will be Shared Server Hosting. With which you will be able to blogging.




Disadvantage of Shared  Hosting

In this you get a lot of work space in which you can store your blog, but this much space will be enough for you.

only one RAM works, in which you do not get a separate cpu.

Shared hosting  is a bit slower than other hosting such as (VPS)  because if you are starting a blog, then the speed of Shared  Hosting will be enough for your visitors.

The number of visitors in Shared Server Hosting is somewhat fixed, if more visitors come to your blog, then the speed of your website slows down a bit but it does not have much effect if you feel that your blog According to the number of visitors is coming, then you can upgrade your [SSH] plan, there is nothing to worry about it.



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