What is WordPress? Complete information

What is WordPress? Complete information
What is WordPress? Complete information


Friends, do you also do blogging or want to start bolting, then you must have heard about blogger and WordPress, I have told you about blogger in my blog, which is absolutely free service provided by google. Which is absolutely free.What is WordPress? Complete information

But today I will give you information about wordpress, what is it, wordpress is a type of paid service in which you have to pay friends, friends here, I would like to tell you that wordpress is free but internet to keep wordpress But space is needed which is called hosting. In which you have to pay money, today I will tell you about wordpress and will talk about hosting the other day.

Friends wordpress is like a blank paper, in which we can draw or write whatever we want, friends should be told that there is no limit in wordpress.

If you can spend a little money then wordpress is a very good platform to create a website in which you can create a website without any technical knowledge.



What is WordPress ?


WordPress is a type of open source software that is used to create online websites, WordPress is written in PHP and MYSQL. WordPress was launched on 27 May 2003. WordPress is a very popular (CMS) Content Management System that easily manages your content.

Friends, if you tell me what I use, then tell me that WordPress is a very good software that is very easy to use, I want to tell you that in this world about 40 times More than% of people are using WordPress, which is very much, WordPress is very good software, which is very successful in the online world.

Like WordPress, there are many CMS Content Management System in the online world, with the help of which you can create websites such as joomla, Drupal, etc. There are a lot of software with which you can create a website, but these platforms have the technical to make a website. Knowledge required but not in WordPress

Because WordPress is an open source software, WordPress is being made much better by continuously coding this WordPress day by day, in addition to thousands of thousands of plugins and themes, with the help of which you can create any website you want.



What is WordPress? Complete information
What is WordPress? Complete information

Type of WordPress


Friends, let me tell you that there are two types of wordpress too, which is very important to know about, you may not be able to give complete information to the people, but you will definitely get so much information that all your dots will be cleared.

What is WordPress? Complete information There are wordpress.com and wordpress.org, in which both of them are different resources but it is important to know about them.







What is WordPress? Complete information WordPress.com is a type of free open source that is completely free, just as Google’s blogger.com is, just like WordPress.com is also absolutely free.

What is WordPress? Complete information Just like blogger.com has hosting and dominees for writing blogs, WordPress is also free and in the same way WordPress.com works and you can create a site as per your wish, but it also has some limitations like blogger.com.

Just as blogger.com requires computer language information to work, but in WordPress.com these things are not required.

If you are thinking of blogging and you are making blogging your career, then you can go to blogger.com and use WordPress.com.




What is WordPress? Complete information WordPress.org is the most used service in both
With the help of WordPress.org you can create a professional and beautiful website, but all of its services are paid services, in which you have to buy a hosting for your website.

And you will also have to buy domine for your website, only then will the desire to build your website be fulfilled, you will be able to make a career in blogging.

That is, your website name like my website is gyaandhaara.com, google.com, youtube.com, facbook.com etc. there are many

Web Hosting-
Just like you need a place to keep your things, the blog needs to have a place to keep your blog, and post media, called web hosting.





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