” Writing A SEO Friendly Content For Beginners “


If you are blogging or are thinking of starting blogging, then you must have heard about seo or know if you are blogging but still there is no traffic in your blog, then you have a Janvin way that Writing A SEO Friendly Content Yes Friends, you are getting it right, to rank your blog, you have to write  article which will be very good for ranking your website.

Today what I will tell you is for both blogger and wordpress, you can write seo friendly article keeping these methods and points in mind.

Writing A Seo Friendly Content
Writing A Seo Friendly Content

Long tum keyword

First of all, you have to find a long tum keyword according to your topic, with the help of which you can write articles on that keyword, if you want to rank your blog quickly, then you have to find a low competition keywords with which you can quickly You will be able to get blog rank.

You can research better and better keywords for keywords research with the help of Ahrefs, semrush, ubersuggest and Google, in which you can write a great blog by writing articles.


Make you write your article

Now you have a keyword that you can write a great article for yourself, now you have to write the article, you can write as much as you want. Whatever topic you are writing an article, gather as much information as you can about that topic so that you can write a great article according to your keywords.

You have to pay attention while writing the article that you know all the information about the topic that you have selected and all the information that the visitors want, they should keep writing in that blog. In that blog, you should pay more attention to the things about which people want to know or the information that people need, you should convey all the information to people through your blog.

So that the people coming to your blog do not need to read any other article or post, it should be said that the information received by you does not need to know about any more things or topics, because of this the user trusts you Will also increase.

Writing A Seo Friendly Content
Writing A Seo Friendly Content

You can write seo friendly article keeping these things in mind


  1. Write in Paragraph :- Whenever you write any blog post, you should start with a new paragraph after writing us a line, this means that every user who reads your blog, having small paragraphs also makes it easier to read and It is also fun to read, so you always keep in mind that if you write any article, then you write in as many paragraphs as possible.As much as possible, you must use your focus keywords or related keywords in every paragraph in your blog post, because of this, Google also knows that your blog is seo friendly and Google will make your blog Starts to rank.
  2. Outbound links :-Outbound links gives a very good message to Google that you give the url of any website in a blog, so that Google does not feel that you are just promoting your own post, all this happens.That you want to tell the article of any other website in your post, you must give outbound links in every post, this gives good message to Google and Google also trusts your post.
  3. Internal links :-  Internal links You must insert internal links in your blog post, so that if someone likes your article, then through your post itself, you can redirect your user to another post, so that more and more in your blog Will spend timeWith this, your bounce rate in seo also worked and your post will be approved by you for free so that the user will move through your same post to another post.
  4. Keyphrase in introduction :-

    You should introduce the Keyphrase in the introduction related to your post in the paragraph of your post, so that if someone searches the related post from your post, then if you place the keywords in your blog in the right way, then your Bolg post appeared in the search engine Will give.

    Which increases the chances of your blog post being ranked and gradually your post starts to rank.

  5. Keyphrase density :- 

    Keyphrase density is that your keyword should come up in your post again and again, whatever topic you are writing a post in, whatever the subject, you should use your focus keyword again and again so that anyone can understand your post. Go to what your post is about.

    In this, you should also ask the questions related to your post and use the keywords related to the post in your blog, so that the chances of your post getting increased.

  6. Meta description length :- Write a nice meta description related to the topic of your post. You have to write those things related to your post in your meta description. So that you know what your post is related to and what information your user can get in this post.In this, you also have to pay attention that your meta description length should be from 150 to 155 words, so you have to write a meta description keeping 150 words in mind.
  7. Image alt attributes :-Now you will have to create or image an elegant and good quality image for your post. In this, you should take care that your image is related to your post and you should use the copy free image in your post so that you do not face any problem later.You should also place your focus keyword in the image of your post so that your image will also be seo, this is called image seo.
  8. Article length :-The length of the article of your post should be good so that you can get all the information in your post. You should write your post from 1000 to 1500 words. The data that I am telling you is the least amount of data as much as you can. Write a long article so that the user can get all the information in a single post.You can increase the length of your article as much as you want, let me tell you that there is no limit to writing in it, you can write as much longer article as you want.
  9. Keyphrase in title :-

    You should give the title of your post thoughtfully as it identifies your post. You should give the title of your post beautiful and accurate. You have to give the title so that any user can read your title as soon as you read the title of your article. Express it

    Therefore, you should choose your title accurately so that it is known what is written in your post and what is the benefit in your post.



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